Lokito Rico is a innovative up and coming artist that’s definitely a force to be reckoned with! This ground breaking, Puerto Rican native from Waterbury, CT has always had a infinitive passion for playing instruments and indulging in music of every genre since childhood. He moved to VA between 1997 and 1998 and at the young age of 17, he joined the U.S. Army. Where he served in one deployment. Upon his return, he was placed in the Wounded Warriors Program in San Antonio, TX until he was honorable discharge in 2009. He made San Antonio his home for 12 year until he recently moved to Houston, TX. His influential music doesn’t have just one particular sound as he has been influenced by many great artist like “Big Pun, Linkin Park and Baby Rasta & Gringo.” But his greatest inspirational idol is Scat Man John, since they both battle with a speech disorder called stammering. His bravery to overcome his disorder despite the odds, gives Lokito Rico the confidence and pride to not allow mynute obstacles like a stutter get in the way of his greatness of making his name known in the music world!

Behind The Name

"Lokito Rico" was formally known as "King Rico" in the early 2010's as he started to embark in his music career.  But during the Covid shut down of 2020 he started researching on rebranding himself. It just so happened, that the very popular show "Vikings" had peaked his interest.  His best friend challenged him to grow out his beard, and then he learned of "Loki" the God of Mischief that related to him in more ways than one. With the tattoo Lokito already tattooed on his arm and his Gamertag as "L0KITORIC0," it was all too much not to see the sign of destiny as he embraced his new name "Lokito Rico!" The meaning behind this name in Spanish is ''Crazy Man Rico!''  So that's how Lokito Rico was born.


During the pandemic Lokito started recording my first official EP and on Oct. 26, 2020, ''God Of Fire'' was released which he wanted to display a variety of styles of musik. Which the smashing hit ''Humpty Dumpty'' is featured on.  Also in July 2020 he released the single ''You Got The Power'' addressing Police brutality and the corrupt system America operates under. His second EP, ''Club Valhalla'' released in Oct. 26th, 2021. On April 27, 2022 he dropped his 3rd project slowing things down in EP ‘’Love Letta To A Goddess''. Next teaming up with MC Thrillz, Lokito Rico released the hit single, ‘’Baddie Girl'' which has became one of the most successful songs to that point.  On Dec. 27, 2022 Lokito Rico teams up with Micario to release their first joint project ‘’When Gods Unite''. Feb. 14, 2023 Lokito and Micario join forces again for their hit single, ‘’Come Dance With Me''.  

Womb Dreaming

Lokito Rico ft Jadakiss & MC Thrillz

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A track with Jadakiss bringing that real East Coast Vibe!

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