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'God Of Fire' released Oct. 26, 2020, along with moment single''You Got The Power'' . The EP called ''Club Valhalla''  features hit singles such as ''Rockstar Money'' and ''Casanova''. The ''Love Letter to a Goddess'' has more an R&B feel. ''Baddie Girl'' Club banger feel. ''When Gods Unite'' has a hype track and a old school feel love song. 2023 Lokito Rico finally lands his first major feature which his guest The Biggest Boss, Rick Ross on the song ''Milli A Month''. Be on the lookout now for many new songs with major icons and artist in the industry.

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Womb Dreaming

Lokito Rico ft Jadakiss & MC Thrillz

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A track with Jadakiss bringing that real East Coast Vibe!

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